WWE finds itself between a rock and a Saud place


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WWE and tRump have been in bed together for some time, don’t expect any YUGE revelations of moral conscience.


The fact that we expect the WWE to act more ethically and responsibly than the United States government is really something.


I don’t know who exactly is expecting that, but I’m not holding my breath. WWE is suckling from the royal teat and knows exactly what it signed up for.

Expect a PR spin about the event being “for the Fans” and WWE distancing itself from taking sides in matters of politics and diplomacy.


It’s depressing as hell that this also applies to us as a nation.


“We need to diversify our economy. Move into new business sectors. Like entertainment.”

“We could host a bunch of WWE Wrestling events.”

“Damn it, Mohammad, I said entertainment! Not soap operas for rednecks!”


They still behead people with a sword, I’d say they’re still in the middle of them.


Doesn’t Saudi Arabia also have prohibitions against men being shirtless?


That could be the half time show.


“Dark Ages”… on the other hand, Saudi Arabia does have socialized medicine, so there’s that going for them. When USia disappears someone, we just do a better job.


This is not the future I had expected. I expected killer bees and running out of petroleum, but not this.


Um, Vince McMahon and the whole of that odious enterprise of imbecility and fake bullying culture would make me very happy if they fucking moved to Saudi Arabia and beheaded losers between “fights”. And please, take your fans with you.


Fake cartoonish wrestling? I have some fake cartoonish fucks to give.


Rules are for little people. Don’t think for a second that people ‎like Peter Thiel or Heather Bresch give two shits about Brett Kavanaugh outlawing homosexuality or women’s access to medicine.


Anybody who’s been there will tell you that rules are really more like guidelines, for the rich that is. For the rich it’s party time behind closed doors.

Don’t let the machine gun nests in front of hotel lobbies fool you.


Apparently- we’ll forgive and forget anything. If there’s a paycheck for rich guys involved.


What’s crazy is she’s actually done a decent job and until now, hasn’t had a moment of controversy. She’s basically a unicorn in that administration.


I remember seeing a picture of bearded Cuban revolutionaries bristling with guns in the Havana Hilton lobby after the Revolution. That is what the end of party time looks like.


Wow… I never thought I’d see the day someone tried to shame Vince McMahon for being a douchebag.




Common sense would dictate the WWE canceling the event and taking a long, hard look at that 10-year agreement they signed with bin Salman.

I suspect it takes a team of lawyers and security consultants some time to figure out just how bad it will be if you break a contract with a murderous foreign government.