X-Men line-up decade-by-decade


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Check out Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-men podcast. It has recently brought me back to the world I thought my brain had escaped in the 90s.


Awesome, I couldn’t see the source in the link, I’d love to see a blown up poster size image.


What’s with the freaky … thing on the far right, third row? And the little kid with the dragon?



Warlock from New Mutants.

Don’t think it is a kid - forget who it is… looks familiar. The Dragon is form the UK X-Men (of course), Excalibur. Lockheed is his name (though I did have to look his name up).

Ed - why is Jubilee’s glowing powers so white?


The kid is leach - the freaky looking thing is “warlock” a sort of organic machine; and the dragon belongs to Kitty Pryde and his name is Lockheed.


So, another decade more, and somebody’s going to be coming down with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Are they prepared to have a nursing home for aged mutants yet?


Nah - you just ret-con that they aren’t as old as they are. Re do the origin story - again.

Or say Mutants just don’t age a fast.


Third row professor x no wheel chair?


Sliding timeline appears to be the in-comic explanation. Kitty Pryde was 13 or so when she was introduced in 1979, and had her 15th birthday in 1990 or so, and Emma Frost claims she’s 34 during Morrison’s run on New X-Men.

His body was posessed by a Brood (aliens who took over the body of a host, complete with powers. Not at all a homage/ripoff of the Xenomorph) in the early 80s, and they only way to save him was to clone his body and transfer his memories. The cloned body was perfectly healthy and he eventually learned how to walk in it. His legs and spine were crushed by his son Legion during the Muir Isle Saga, the crossover that lead directly into the big X-Men relaunch in 1991


Who is the enormous guy with the wings and glasses, top row, right-hand side? Is that some version of Arcangel before he gets metal wings, or something like that?


That’s Mimic. He was a member for a couple of issues.


Well Wolverine sure doesn’t age as fast, or well his mutant regeneration does not let him age much. I am fuzzy on the details but his exact age isn’t known as he does not remember much from before the operation to fuse the adamantium to his bones. His pappy Sabertooth is supposed to be around 150 years old and he is in good shape for that age.


So hes the male equivalent of rogue.



Longshot never gets any love ;_;

edit: oh, i see him, he’s lumped in with the New Mutants.


Snoopy was almost 50 by the time Peanuts ended.

Calvin was 6 for ten years.

Usually comic book time != real world time.

Besides, how many times have these characters time traveled, returned from the dead, been cloned, been exposed to magical and/or reality manipulative energies, etc.? At this point, if you wanted to draw a timeline of their lives it would end up looking like a toddler’s scribblings.


Woot! New Mutants forever!


Longshot has Def Leppard hair.


How old is Bart Simpson?


They’ve started having to say Magneto’s got that a bit, too, since even someone who was a kid during the Holocaust would be around 80 now and Magneto would otherwise be considered quite spry for that age.