Yahoo to change name to "Altaba"


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What'll happen to their kids' section?


Old Yahoo .. it's time.


It probably took an embarrassingly expensive branding consultancy to achieve a name that sounds so exactly like a questionably necessary drug with an annoying ad campaign.

Ask your doctor about Altaba(tm) for persistent midlife mediocrity*.

*may cause personal data seepage, use as directed.


Paywalled damn it.
USA today isn't thankfully for whatever their reporting is worth.

Also is it a sign that I hang out here to much that my first thought was @beschizza is trolling or has reality just gotten too weird lately.







So, is this plugging in to the market segment which remembers AltaVista with nostalgia? Do we get a retread of DogPile also? :rolling_eyes:


Alt-aba will fit right in the middle between Trump's alt-right America and our Chinese overlords at Alibaba. Don't know what those Yahoo's are thinking!


They finally got around to doing something with Alta Vista then.
@cleveremi - I think I owe you a Coke. :slight_smile:


Yahoo to change name to "Altaba"


Beat ya' by that much. Picture Maxwell Smart and read in his voice:-)


Makes you wonder what ideas they threw out as 'bad' before settling on this one?


I had the same thoughts on first glance.

First thought, Alibaba is taken. WTH.

Second thought, Evil Abba dressed in black, playing death metal and crushing the skulls of their enemies. I actually like that image...

Third thought, why pick a name that associates the Alt-Reich with your brand? Maybe they thought at this point, it would be a step up because they can't sink any lower.

It baffles.


The part of Yahoo people know: the website, mail, etc., will still be called Yahoo, and be part of Verizon (and those "resigning" will very likely go with that part to Verizon). The part of Yahoo people don't know (the Alibaba sale money) is what will be called Altbaba, and it will become an investment firm, not an internet company. This is not new news, just the name of the remnant company is new.


Mission accomplished for Mayer. Once people start flooding away from Yahoo the folks at Google/Alphabet will reap the benefits, just as expected.


å (Alt tab a)


No one's leaving the operational company that is (and will remain) Yahoo. They're going with it (and the Yahoo name) to Verizon. This is just the internet being stupid and not understanding the actual press release.


The return of MS Dewey--the search engine that was both insulting and unhelpful, and yet still had a certain charm.