Yes, Donald Trump had dinner with a Nazi

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Donald Trump has dinner with a Nazi even when he dines alone.

Actually, no. I think Trump’s political theory stops and ends with “Donald Trump should have all the money and power” and “People I don’t like are bad and wrong.” This is, admittedly, similar to beliefs held by some actual card-carrying Nazis, but as a political theory it lacks some of the finer detail that would allow us to classify him as a Nazi specifically, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill authoritarian.


He had dinner with a Klansman every night when he was growing up.


And every morning he has breakfast with a serial sex abuser, tax cheat, and insurrectionist.


Which is exactly why fascist is an appropriate descriptor. It also refers to a specific political party that ascended to authoritarian power, but in a more generalized and less ideological way than the Nazis. In the words of a great veteran:

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Obviously I’m being silly, but you highlight an important point that I think gets lost in discussions like this: trump has no ideology or beliefs beyond what is most expeditious to gain more money, power and fame for himself alone. He is more than willing to ride the wave of the most ideological and malleable electorate and establishment entities (Heritage, FEDSOC), but he would just as readily align with any other ideology if it was as readily manipulated as regressives are.

Fucking nihilists.


" I’m happy that Joe Biden might misspeak once in a while when he’s trying to name a president of a foreign country,"

My dude, Trump can’t correctly name the president of THIS country


As someone said (paraphrased):

“Donald Trump does have one genuine political principle that is independent of his own greed and ambition. Unfortunately that principle is white supremacy.”


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