Yet Again, AOC Does Not Mince Words




i’d love to be able to vote for her . . . i’d love to live in a congressional district in texas progressive enough to elect her.




This is why Pelosi snubs and bullies her and FOX is obsessed with her. She tells the truth.



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eta: She uses words to mince people.


Is this fucking twitter now?

Every day she’s diving into this crap she’s got the face of a parent who recently posted to Sh*t My Kids Ruined.


Actually, Pelosi neither snubs nor bullies her. By all appearances, AOC and Pelosi have a perfectly reasonable working relationship.

You’re completely right about Fox being hysterically obsessed with her, though! The last thing the US right wing wants is charismatic, outspoken young politicians who point out the hypocrisies and injustices in clear language and understand the modern media environment.


From what I’ve seen Pelosi has said a lot of nasty things about how the movement she personally identifies with AOC is “like five people” and systematically refuses to let bills even get committee hearings. Remember, Pelosi has been on record many, many times over her entire career saying that any moves to the Left on any issue must be incremental if at all. Even when she was Speaker before and had a friendly Senate and President it was always “Now is not the time.” Pay-go only applies to proposals from the Left, never ones from the Right. So, no.

pelosi helped aoc get on to high profile committees with a lot of reach. she’s not going to do that for someone who she’s in opposition to.


Personally, I think only because it reflects positively on herself to do so, though she (incorrectly?) thinks it could still be just a lot of wasted time and busy work for AOC, who seems to be proving otherwise.

I think Pelosi’s promises for change are like a cupcake from a boutique bakery, with fuck-ton of icing, and very little cake. She’s still going to side with the people pulling the strings – mainly corporate-backed legislation.


Spotted in a comic book store this weekend:


i think that’s something of an exaggeration. over the years she’s managed to lead the following legislation to passage–

the last minimum wage increase
the original hate crimes prevention act
repeal of “don’t ask/don’t tell”
lilly ledbetter fair pay act
dodd-frank wall street reform
the american recovery and reinvestment act
1994 assault weapons ban

some of that might be corporate backed but most of it isn’t. she’s managed to do the hard work of legislating with a prickly and divided majority as well as the even harder work of fighting from the minority.


Re: support for AOC

Jim Newell writes about an exchange Pelosi had on 60 minutes last month:

“By and large, whatever orientation they came to Congress with,” Pelosi told interviewer Lesley Stahl, “they know that we have to hold the center, that we have to go down the mainstream.”

When Stahl began another question about managing the “wings” of the party, including “[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and her group,” Pelosi interrupted her.

“That’s like five people,” Pelosi said.

My opinion is that Pelosi is great at pushing the agenda if it’s middle-if-the-road, but if things become dire, whether environmental or political, Pelosi will choose party safety over action. I think if her and AOC’s views begin to diverge, AOC will lose her support even if AOC is in the right.
AOC is clear that change needs to occur, but I think Pelosi would prefer compromise, which will be too little, too late.


I am sick of these far right Christians who are the exact model of the sort of far right religious establishment that murdered Jesus. I deal with them routinely on forums, and they do not even know what Jesus said.

Jesus taught to be non-judgmental, merciful, mercy over judgment, kind, have a religion of the heart, go the extra mile, love your enemies.


my brother voted for her and is VERY happy he did

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sadly, we live in a time where compromise on Certain issues is way too dangerous

Case in point:

A realistic, sensible, sane, easy-to-explain and easy-to-implement solution to the problem of prescription drug cost explosion exists. But rather than put together a bill that implements it, she’d rather put together a garbage solution that will ultimately do fuck-all to help most people (it only covers 25 medications per year!) while bending over backward to not anger the pharma industry. That bill, too, will die in the Senate alongside everything else the House has passed this year, but you can’t even message effectively on a shit bill like this because it’s legislation for no-one from nowhere, created expressly for the purposes of making it look like you’re doing something.

(I do think that there is a danger in always looking for the simplest solution to every problem, because a lot of problems are in fact a lot more complicated than a bumper sticker or campaign slogan could ever indicate, but Pelosi and company have seemingly never met an overwrought and needlessly-complex solution to a problem of any scope or complexity that they didn’t like. The more tedious and fiddly the implementation, the better. I think that sort of policymaking is just as disastrous as trying to legislate three word chants into the US Code.)