Yet another mass shooting

Dude was smart. He literally threw the gun behind the counter. He got grazed by a round and burned his hand on the hot barrel. But fukkit, he lived and saved a bunch of lives. This gun shit here in the USA is totally outta control.


“Totally out of control” may be the understatement of the week



“Bullet points don’t kill people. Ignorance kills people.”

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And this is more bizarre than the case of the youtube shooting. They still haven’t found the dude, and he’s running around naked, not to mention the secret service stuff - and his dad GIVING HIS GUN BACK, WTF!


Second amendment logic in parity with the usual first amendment logic: anyone can get a gun for any reason and nobody should try and stop them.

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Oh, oh, I know why!

Because it’s fucking horrifying.


The old adage of ‘If it bleeds it leads’ rings true no matter the time.


Except that pesky supreme court has already decided that some limitations on guns are constitutional. The Secret Service deemed him a threat, and he clearly was because he’s killed 4 people now.

Even free speech has limitations, of course. Local communities can regulate who has access to the public square, for example. Regulation is not banning.


From the department of health and human services:

The risk for suicide contagion as a result of media reporting can be minimized by factual and concise media reports of suicide. Reports of suicide should not be repetitive, as prolonged exposure can increase the likelihood of suicide contagion. Suicide is the result of many complex factors; therefore media coverage should not report oversimplified explanations such as recent negative life events or acute stressors. Reports should not divulge detailed descriptions of the method used to avoid possible duplication. Reports should not glorify the victim and should not imply that suicide was effective in achieving a personal goal such as gaining media attention. In addition, information such as hotlines or emergency contacts should be provided for those at risk for suicide.

Doing a find replace changing “suicide” to “mass shooting” doesn’t quite work but it’s probably a good start.


Indeed. I don’t think regulating how reporting on mass shooting takes place is at all a first amendment conflict–after all, the FCC already does this for curse words and breasts and such.

Yep. This.


Taken alive and well, of course.

(Not that I think he should have been gunned down, mind you, but it’s curious how the white kids hardly ever seem to die in a hail of gunfire.)


I know I am a one issue wonder, but it seems to me this was an example of white on black gun violence and the media is refusing to frame it that way. Am I imagining this? Cos when black kids get shot by the police their blackness is very much at issue. In this case as far as I can tell, the killer was white, the victims were black and the hero who disarmed him was black. But you have to work a little to find this out.


I’m sure race is somehow part of it, because Breitbart describes him not as a Hero, but as a “hero” next to a picture of the gentleman who stopped the shooter.


Naked dude (OK, wearing a vest, but apparently only in order to hold additional magazines) runs into waffle house and shoots the place up, upstanding citizen disarms him as he tries to reload (at which point the vest is no longer necessary so discarded) and naked dude runs away.

Everything naked dude did, including obtaining and using firearms, was illegal under existing law. But somehow writing things down on paper did not fix a broken culture or heal a sick mind.

That’s the story, as I’ve been hearing it.

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OMG! Im lost for words.

It’s not enough to merely make it illegal if there aren’t significant barriers to obtaining said weapons.

It’s still way, way too goddamn easy for bad people to get their hands on those things. Even if his dad hadn’t returned the guns after he was deemed unfit to have them you can’t wave away the fact that he was able to get them in the first place. His first time waving that AR-15 around could have easily ended in a massacre too.


“seem to” is part of the issue.
According to WaPo, so far this year, 98 people under 29 have been shot by police this year. 38 of them were White, 19 were Black, 17 Hispanic.

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Sure is looking that way.

Also apparently a member of the “sovereign citizen” movement, which has a pretty significant overlap with racist movements.