State senator blames mass shootings on lack of god in schools, forgetting Nashville shooting was, um, at a Christian school

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They also blame a lack of guns and security, regularly forgetting that Fort Hood suffered two mass shootings in a span of less than five years even though that location is an actual military base.


“The reason why we hear about mass shootings is because we have taken God out of our schools,”

That’s why there are so many mass shootings in places with much lower belief in God than the US. [/s]


Let’s not get bogged down in the details of one mass murder.
A simple timeline showing mass murders with the day that school prayer was ruled unconstitutional vs the day that the GOP rolled back firearms restrictions will suffice.


Engle vs. Vitale (1962)

Significantly predating the 1962 case.

You were saying?


This school was not Christian-ing hard enough, a few of them were practicing tolerance and understanding, and that’s not allowed in today’s Christian culture.


Okay, so it wasn’t the lack of God in schools–since He is everywhere–I guess we should think about what else is lacking from schools as the possible culprit. Drag shows? Whiskey? Anal sex?


The all powerful God can do anything. Well, anything except go someplace where he’s been “taken out of” (a/k/a “told to shoo.”).


From the people I know who have attended religous schools of any type…often the place God is the least, sadly.

There’s an old series from Piers Anthony called Incarnations of Immortality. While I don’t recommend the rarely talked about last book (because the author has…let’s call them issues), the final main book has a mortal replacing God because God no longer pays attention to humans which is causing all the problems, etc etc. I’ve heard less crazy things from the Q crowd.


Not sure if you are replying to me or not. The chart appears to show that there is no significant increase pre-post '62. The problem with the wiki data is that it isn’t (a) graphical and (b) doesn’t include post 2004 when the Assault Weapons Ban was allowed to expire. The problem with the Mother Jones chart is that it doesn’t go back far enough. Any count of incidents should also take population size into account as well.

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In this case population size is irrelevant… There was a drop in mass shootings after the ban and then spike after. Thems just facts. There is a reason why Columbine and then the end of the assault weapons ban are considered watersheds in our collective problem with mass shootings. It has jack all to do with prayer in school.

And once again, this school was about as Christian as you can get - they allow prayer in school. And let’s not forget just how much overlap there is between gun worshipers and those who are white, evangelical Christians. But I guess it’s okay to worship murder sticks as graven idols now…

Seriously… Jesus wept. To think that there are people who style themselves the only REAL :tm: Christians who are just fine with gunning down children to preserve the right to own a murder stick. Disgusting.


I am replying to you. The point being that the history of school shootings far, far predates the 1962 USSC decision, and the graphical data in the second part absolutely shows the post-2004 dramatic increase in incidents following the expiration of the assault weapons ban. You seem to be desperate to implicate the 1962 court in the current rash of shootings. It just does not hold up.

Here’s the second half of the Wikipedia data, if you like. Conclusion is pretty clear.


A God a day, keeps the bullets away?

God has no place in schools, or in the rest of modern civilization, in my humble, atheistic opinion.


God has a place anywhere the faithful wish him to be. The problem comes when some feel that their God is the only one, and must be force-fed to all the children sent to the public schools. This is pure evil and has no place at all.


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…I know Poe’s law and everything, but I thought for sure you must have been being ironic in asking to see the data on this. There is zero chance the mass shootings come from lack of prayer in school. Nobody believes they do, not even Kern, who just saw an opportunity to try to make this about his pet issue instead.


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I always have to ask the question of politically involved Christians, “MAGA Christian or Jesus Christian?” The two groups have little if anything in common.


it seems I am not being clear. I am proposing that we show a chart to the numbskull senator with no effect around '62 and then a huge effect around '04. I mentioned population growth merely to ward off a potential whinging false defence.

This, I can get on board with. Your initial post came across as you were supporting the idea that 1962 marked some kind of inflection point in school violence. If that was not, in fact, the case, very very much better. Apologies if I misread your intent.