Yet another outrage in Ferguson

Apparently, certain people are using the totally normal events of the last few days to encourage certain people to register to vote. According to the The Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, this is “disgusting” and “inappropriate.” It is not at all obvious what he is objecting to. Something to do with voting, I would imagine.


This is what separates the confused morons from the evil bastards. Apart from the myth of contemporary episodes of voter fraud carried out by hordes of Union employees and other morlocks at the bottom of society, the idea that wider voting is harmful “because most people are stupid” is just an expression of the memory of being a two-year-old and learning to yell NO! right in mommy’s face.

To all evil rich racist bastards: yes, we get it, you have learned that you can reject the opinions of others. But is it really not enough to be able to publicly belittle those you believe to be your inferiors? Do you have to disenfranchise? Do you have to assassinate and menace using hordes of cops in battledress? I’m personally quite happy with the remedies of ballot and ridicule. What the fuck is your problem?

I am similarly appalled and disgusted that something as contentious as voting was injected into this conversation. We’re still having a national debate over whether it’s acceptable to tear gas reporters for trying to hold police accountable. There just isn’t time to discuss the equally-weighted sides of two important issues. That’s four sides!


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