You can get ahold of this 1951 Vincent Black Shadow

I dunno man. Only one of these things made it into MoMa.


My old man had a Velocette Venom Thruxton back when he used to race in the late '60s. Also various Beezers and Beemers, and even a Manx Norton. The feller’s ben dead coming on a decade but I still want to kick his ass for not keeping those around for his yet-to-be born son, ie me.


You can go quite fast on one of those.

World speed record. 185.15mph. In 1955. On a public road.

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As an SF resident, I wondered if the Crocker Amazon motorcyle is any relation to the Crocker-Amazon neighborhood. Evidently not: the bike’s namesake Al Crocker doesn’t seem related to SF rail magnate Charles Crocker, and I couldn’t find an explanation for name of either the bike or the SF avenue. Weird coincidence!


It was manufactured in Venice California, past that I know zilch.


Philip Conrad Vincent was the inventor of the legendary Vincent motorcycle and he lived in a village just a couple of miles from me:

No one’s posted the version by the band actually called Red Molly ?


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