You can live in a giant cowboy boot for $40 a day


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I mean, the boot part is kind of the least interesting part of that house. The inside is quite striking!


Yea, it’s cute, but the smell…


I was extremely tempted to make a joke about already living under a cowboy boot, but the architecture is legit fascinating.

ETA: I wonder what the dinner discussion where the boot became a serious plan looked like.

ETAA: I prefer flats, personally.


Isn’t it dark and noisy in there?

I’ll guess Willie Nelson was involved


I would be singing this the whole time:


Why live in, when you can ride in!


Rumor has it the original owner who commissioned the building was a famous Hollywood actor.


I was expecting a more German nautical theme.


“You can live in a giant cowboy boot for $40 a day.”

That implies that I have a choice. Good!! Oh, man. That was close.



The google street view must be mid-construction.

No way I’d want to live directly on a stroad like that though.


So she gave them some broth
Without any bread
Then whipped them all soundly
And put them to bed

And one of them founded Scientology.


I forgot Old Mother Hubbard wasn’t the one with the shoe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d rather live on a giant sneaker…


Oh, that’s where sneaker waves come from.


Seriously clever. I literally laughed out loud and people are staring.


Too much foot traffic?


$1,400 a month? PLUS all those kids?
She just LOOKED old from having to hold down three jobs.


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