You can now own the Fez soundtrack on gorgeous translucent colored vinyl


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One of my № 1 favorite game soundtracks, chiptunes and music in general.
Among my favorite games, as well! Though I think it’s best to play it on a large screen with nice surround sound, so it’s unfortunate the limited edition doesn’t ship with a console disc (sure you can hook you computer up with same and use a controller, but I still bought the PS4 version when it came out after playing it on Mac through Steam first).

But as someone striving to reduce clutter and his carbon footprint however which way possible, the composer sure wouldn’t be all too happy with these (beautiful) physical releases!


Fez always leaves me really conflicted. The game is beautiful, the controls feel good, and I adore the concept, but it feels a bit too pretentious for its own good and Phil Fish is kind of a dick. Soundtrack’s amazing though, I’d probably at least consider it if I were into vinyl.


I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of translucent colored vinyl before. Why doesn’t this turn up more often?


i really dig objects that are also art, so well thought out with lots of attention to detail. even the gold embossing on the jacket is top notch.


It’s not all that uncommon or newfangled. The PVC used for records is transparent before the usual addition of carbon black; just add other dyes instead and presto.

There are all sorts of fancy things they can do:


Great game, awesome soundtrack. Tho some of the puzzles got to be far too much for me, and the ending I got to see was very 2001: A Space Odyssey.

As for yummy looking vinyl, still recall the orange transparent vinyl a friend had of Superunknown by Soundgarden. That sure looked awesome.


Fez is a flawed masterpiece by a flawed genius - if Fish had ever gotten around to finishing it instead of chucking a spaz, it would surely have attained a state of utter perfection after another half-decade of polishing…


I liked the game and was looking forward to the sequel. But, Fish’s feelings got hurt so he yelled “I’m not making it!” and deleted the code.

What could have been.


Was it the typical old internet drama? Ah, you know, never mind. The less one hears about tiresome stuff like that, the better. I feel a bit faint just thinking about it.


It’s the prime example. They even made a film about the whole affair.


Oh god. It’s just so draining, isn’t it? Like trying to figure out who’s wrong and right, or what even happened, is just so mentally taxing I … I just want no part of it.


Yes. It’s just terrible and unfortunate.


On the topic of Phil Fish, I’d like to recommend this excellent video by the also excellent Innuendo Studios:


I loved Fez. I should go back and play it again and try to solve all the language puzzles.


You do that. You’ve only really played FEZ when you’ve reached 209.4% completion and can read the code without looking up a translation table.

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