“You complete me.”



took me a minute


Moe, meet Larry.

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Maybe it’s my own slowly-going-bald-ness talking, but this seems a little cruel. Not as bad as had the pic been of two amputees sitting next to each other, but not particularly nice, either.

Well, it is a giggle at someone else’s expense, but it’s also easy to imagine that if the guys don’t know each other and happened to glance at each other, they’d have the same thought.

My hair is slowly thinning as well, but I’m not gonna let it get me down. At least my unit ain’t shrinking.


I believe the person on the right is a woman.

Do you? I really can’t tell from this angle. One of my nephews had that haircut for a while.

Amen. I don’t get why so many guys see it as a problem in the first place. “Why yes, I do have an abundance of testosterone. Thank you for noticing.”

Just look at Sean Goddamn Connery. Most of his hair migrated south back during the Kennedy administration and he was still voted “sexiest man of the century” by People magazine at age 69. Now he’s in his mid-80s and probably still has starlets throwing themselves at him.

[Edit to add: of course, it also helps that he’s seemingly immune to aging]


Took me a lot more than a minute - I kept fiddling with NoScript wondering why the video wouldn’t play.


Better than me!

Holy Grail’d.

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