You could own the light-up dance floor from Saturday Night Fever


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Speaking as a former hospitality/food service worker it would seem to me that Vito must have been doing pretty well to have bought that floor in the first place.
I’d wonder if Mr. Bruno had something going on the side.


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No. No I could not.


Nice. she’s in Hollywood Nights, too. And Spinal Tap, but everyone knows that one.

Given a typical nightclub folds in about 5 years, I’m stunned to hear that Odyssey lasted from 1977 thru 2005. I guess the nostalgia crowd kept it alive, but still, that’s crazy.


I think that’s just how long the building lasted (haven’t read all the way thru but IIRC it became a CVS or some such)


In the 80s, 2001 Odyssey became a gay bar called Spectrum before the building was finally razed and a commercial use building was built on the site about 10 years ago.

One of the few places from the movie that still exists (at least as of a few years ago) is Lenny’s Pizza.

Disclaimer: Saturday Night Fever is one of my all time favorite films.


As overplayed as that song was in my youth, its aged far better than many others of that time. Listening again got me to look it up

Also got me thinking how much talent was involved to sustain that falsetto vocal so consistently.


Vito Bruno was “The” NYC club owner/party promoter before Michael Alig and Peter Gaiten- In addition to being acquainted with the Andy Warhol crew back in the 1970s-1980s, he has money.


Recently I’ve actually been reappraising music of the “disco era.”


Two words: Georgio Moroder


Pity Gene Siskel’s dead. He actually purchased Travolta’s white suit from the movie (which was one of his favorites).


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