You should listen to more Shakey Graves


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Don’t mind if I do.


Mediocre warblings.
They really are.
Ask someone else who’s music taste you respect and know is not going to lie to you.
“Mediocre warblings” is what I expect they will say.



I’m not hearin’ it.


Nevertheless, it rocks; not bad for a guitar and suitcase-rhythm-set. And that’s something that’s a good bit rarer than it used to be ^^’. This is damn fine bar music, I’d say, for the right not-quite-rowdy crowd.


This is pretty cool, I’ll give this guy a listen.


Holy Crap… this kid’s trying to write like Lindsey Buckingham.
That’s not EVER gonna be a bad thing.


Not a great voice, but pretty intense and some nice playing in there. I like how he ramps the tempo up and down.


And the War Came is one of my favorite cds.


Acquired taste, like Islay scotch.


Go on! Tell us who we should really be listening to; we are all just sitting on the edge of our seats in eager anticipation now that you have so firmly set the record straight for us poor, unenligtened fools who so blithely assumed that Shakey Graves was a talented musician who wrote songs that resonated with us…

I mean, usually when someone is a complete tool about something that I or others have expressed affinity for, I get really defensive and want to argue, but you have pulled the scales from my eyes and I am so captivated by your peerless argument.

Please! Do go on.


Listen to St. Vincent.
And, um, maybe today also listen to Mississippi John Hurt.


Neat! I hadn’t heard his stuff before, and it definitely comes from a real place.

But he also died like 50 years ago. He was in his prime five generations past. Are you suggesting that nothing of note has happened in the world of southern blues in the last 90 years?


Don’t tell people about him! I still haven’t been able to get tickets to his sold out show in SF, so he’s already popular enough. Dagnabit.


Mississippi John Hurt? He’s an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice. He’s the Fredrick Douglass of blues.


Nah. im mostly being an asshat.
I hear very little worth talking about in this guy is all. I can slither back into my own cave now.
glad you liked Mississippi John! Check out Mississippi Fred too!



That was pretty cool. Thanks.

He’s getting some nice sounds out of that guitar. Very deft touch.


Aww I’m really happy to see him continuing to get exposure, but I’m biased because I know his mom which is probably one of the weirdest ways to know a musician but she’s been a big part of the arts and performance efforts in the city… I don’t think I’d call them mediocre warbling even if I didn’t though. Unless I was just in one of those moods where I felt like shitting on everything but-- then I’d probably say nothing.