Young children accidentally eating weed rises 1,375%



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We can see this with Canada’s numbers, which have seen a fairly high percentage increase despite the federal regulations requiring boring packaging. But a jump from an average 5 cases per month to 14 cases per month across three provinces with a total population of 25 million, and you can see how little of a problem it actually is.


I am actually super annoyed that edibles come in such gigantic portions for the gummy/whatever versus the active ingredients. It takes around 200 mg for me to feel anything, which is just a ridiculous amount of candy to eat. I would much rather be able to use something smaller, less filling, and less calories.

I could get a red card since medical edibles come in much higher concentration, but that just seems…I dunno

In general though I’ve always been kind of bothered that recreational edibles went off in the candy direction as opposed to just a pill/capsule that you pop. It just makes it too easy for children to accidentally ingest

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Make edibles taste like old people candy. Humbugs, double-salted licorice, unsalted peanuts, etc. Problem solved.

Seriously though: people need to treat cannabis in all forms as a drug for consenting folk. At least as carefully as alcohol, even though the outcomes of overdoing cannabis are rarely as bad as alcohol.



Seriously, though, British Columbia has some fairly clinical-looking packaging for its weed. Here’s a random example of some THC-infused chocolate:

All THC products need to have similar packaging. Careless parents will be careless, but at least it doesn’t look like candy (even though it is).

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I’m personally fond of tinctures. You avoid the sugar and the smoke. It’s very easy to do proper dosing and it’s just a little bit of oil to swallow. All the ones I’ve seen come with child-proof caps and look like medicine.


I need to see what is available out here along those lines. The problem with most of the liquid things I have tried is that they are much more expensive - like twice as much or more what I get gummies for. ($10 vs $25 per 100mg THC, though the liquid does seem to have a bit more impact). I remain hopeful that something will turn up that works for me



An American version of that Japanese show Old Enough.

Stoned toddlers wandering around getting munchies for their stoned parents. Or wandering around looking for a better home.

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I just want to point out that your little typo there made me giggle. Imagining editable cannabis… would it be a sort where you could trim the potency, or alter the taste? In any case, it amused me, and I thank you.

On a more serious note, I also agree that the main issue is that marketing and packaging is still very “Wild West”, where regulatory warnings and bans on child-oriented packaging have yet to percolate down. Mostly because the sellers have yet to be industrialized, and still are only thinking about the adults who come into the shop.

But I also agree with @Brainspore: we need to remember that its reported cases have jumped more than thousandfold. Not only are parents more willing to go to the pediatrician, more pediatricians are also going to report it themselves.


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