Young heavy metal shredder also a screaming-fast texter


7 string Ibanez universe being played there. Respeck.

Man, I was expecting crazy multi-finger texting. Ordinary kinda-fast thumb texting is way less exciting.

Maybe she’s Allie Brosh’s sister?

That is some fast tapping, but in the spirit of pedantry, I don’t believe those are 64th notes. That would be 16 notes per click of the metronome. :smile:

The metronome isn’t accenting the start of the measure, and we don’t know the time signature. :stuck_out_tongue: If we wanted to get pedantic, probably better to have just listed bpm. Pretty sick though.

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Given how much effort it takes for me to type a message on my phone, and my constant battles with autocorrect (You try using two languages on swiftkey), I now understand why I’m so sloppy on the guitar.

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