Young-Holt Unlimited's Soulful Strut



Jase, you need to put a compilation of Nemo videos to this score.


That made me happy – I GETE (grinned ear to ear) as soon as it started.
I must head to the shop to assemble some shoes that automatically start playing Soulful Strut whenever I walk (it will only play if the inertial sensors register movement that is within soulful parameters). I will then head to the North Woods for a long hike. The hypnotic tunes will draw legions of strutting Woodcock! ??? Profit!

Edit: since I am not very good with miniaturized electronics and I need enough room for the speakers, I will use these shoes as the build platform:


You’ll want an A/B switch for this:


I need to integrate the Happy++ functionality – the more funk in my strut the more Strut++.

This project uses your smile to control an audio mix. As you smile, the song blossoms from a low-fi drum track to a full, hi-fi stereo mix.

the piano is a ringer for Ramsey Lewis, and when I saw that Young and Holt were the names of Lewis’ sidemen on an Argo label release, I figured it was a lock. Still, I was bothered that there was never any mention of the more famous Lewis vis-a-vis this song, so I broke down and looked it up to find that Young and Holt recruited an imitator. Weird.

Here’s Lewis, Young and Holt

Soulful Strut was used as a sample by the Beastie Boys for a hilarious b-side track called “Mike D is in Love” but it is inexplicably not uploaded to youtube :frowning:

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I remember playing a marching band version of this tune in the the early 70’s. It was one of the few pop songs adapted to that kind of format that actually worked, and was a joy to perform. Now, for the history lesson.

This instrumental was actually the backing track for another tune, “Am I the Same Girl” by Barbara Aklin. The record wasn’t a hit, so the producers stripped out the vocals and replaced them with a piano track covering the melody. Oddly enough, even though it was released as part of the Young-Holt album “Soulful Strut”, there is no evidence that either Young or Holt actually played on the cut.

To make things even weirder, the original producers restored Aklin’s vocal track and the following year re-released the song as the “vocal version” of “Soulful Strut”. It was a modest hit this time around, and was subsequently covered by Dusty Springfield, Swing Out Sister and several other artists.


The original version by Barbara Acklin has vocals.

And the most successful version 25 years later by Swing Out Sister also had vocals:


Soulful Strut is one of the nicest, most soul-soothing songs ever recorded. There are are many other excellent covers. Thank you for posting this. :slight_smile:

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