Your home office could use some work of its own and these 20 items might just do the trick

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OK, but Mike Brady was an architect who designed his own house, and though he may have had his own office, he also had only one bathroom for 9 people.
So clearly, he was in that office playing with these office toys you’re selling instead of architecting.


You know what’s better than a round chair that in no way accommodates the human anatomy correctly? One with a big spine-jabbing point in the back.

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Why is Pluto in there?

Uhg, no. Why to people keep thinking this? Tilting your keyboard up like that causes you to bend your wrists up to type. It is less ergonomic. Keep your wrists straight when typing.

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Cage Desk / Desk Cage

I never worked in an office, but,
I’m sure there are a lot of other people here
who think that this is the bestest best
product name evar!!!

Neodymium magnets are a serious health hazard. Since they’re listed here as “toys”, they run afoul of CPSC directives on magnets with high flux index that are marketed to children. In 2010, the CDC reported that one child died and 33 required surgery after swallowing magnets such as these and suffering bowel perforation. These include teens who used the magnets to “pretend to have tongue piercings”.

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