Your iPhone looks and acts an awful lot like a PSP with this gaming controller


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But will it run Crysis?


With a Moga Power Pro controller and ePSX/FPSe for PS1 or PPSSPP for PS2 (along with emulators for many other consoles), my Android phone (a Galaxy S7) IS essentially a PSP, and plays actual PS1/PSP games like a champ. And Genesis. And N64. And etc., all the way down to the Atari 2600, if you care to.

In fact, amusingly enough, unless you have a jailbroken device you’re not going to find any emulators for the iPhone.

Note: For those who already own a Moga controller or are planning to get one, you can use it as an XBox 360 controller on your PC (assuming it has Bluetooth, that is) with MogaSerial; it works very well, and has become my main go-to game controller for PC.


I personally prefer an actual PSP for gaming - longer runtime and all - but I wouldn’t mind a more comfortable controller grip. Is the S7 a model with an extended battery? Does the MOGA have a battery pack for the phone built in?


I think Apple missed the boat with their controller initiative. If they had come out with their own device, a lot more games would have designed around that control scheme and gaming would be better for it. Instead all that’s offered is a mish-mash of mostly crappy third-party controllers and not a lot of games that really make full use of them. Personally, I’ve moved on from iPhone games (mostly) and am looking forward to getting a Switch when all his shortage/hoarding is over.


Well, sure, native is most often better than emulated (barring graphic and sound improvements, such as many emulators offer), overall, although a big phone (or a tablet, for that matter) = WAY bigger screen, for one thing. You also definitely need a somewhat beefy CPU/GPU combo to run most PSP games w/o any perceptible lag, so of course YMMV. I also tend to prefer PS1 games, to be honest; the PSP pickings can be a little slim, and I literally have every NTSC PS1 game that I care to possess (so no “Barbie Dream House 2” xD). But I play Disgaea often enough on PPSSPP, and it works fine; Disgaea, even though just a JRPG, is actually pretty hard on PPSSPP’s capabilities, and is a good test for any given phone.

The S7 has a relatively large battery, but “extended”…? Dunno. It’s a 3000 mAh battery, so take that as you will.

I own the Moga Power Pro 2, specifically, and it has a ~2330 mAh LiON battery, larger than any other internal controller supply I have seen on the market. It comes with a stubby little USB cord to connect it to your phone as an assistive charger, yes, although this won’t work if the controller is under a certain charge (1/3 or so?). Generally, IRL I can use the combo without hooking it up this way for at least 2-3 hours of continuous play, if both start with a full charge. The controller will last MUCH longer than the phone will. Used as my main PC controller, I end up charging it every 1-2 weeks, depending on use. Yes, it will fast-charge if your charger has the amperage, and yes, it is usable while charging.

It’s in an XBox 360 configuration but that works fine for PS1/PSP games, as well, and imo the ergonomics are pretty good; it’s at least as comfy as the standard 360 controller. The only real caveat I have is that I wish the clamp that holds your phone (it comes with a separate stand for tablets, or if you just want to put your phone on it) would go a little further back, for a wider range of motion, as well as hold tighter, so you can play while lying on your back w/o it moving; I use a rubber band for this, so +shrug+ w/e, but it would be nice.

The fit and finish have been top-notch, so far; it doesn’t feel even remotely “cheap” or fragile. I have hardwood floors and so far, it passes the “bounce across the room” test with flying colors, when I get a little overenthusiastic while playing “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” =x .

An additional nice feature, is that you can use Moga Serial directly with vJoy as a generic controller, so you can fully remap every button and/or axis, as well as use the lower shoulder triggers as digital buttons, both of which are often necessary for older games. This does, of course, remove all 360 emulation features ^^’ .


That would have been like a stylus to them. iPhones don’t use styluses

until they do


Or I could hold out for a Nintendo Switch, I guess.


Maybe, but I also see an issue of convenience, too. If the controller is external, it’s no problem if I’ve an otter box on my iPhone, but then I have to carry a separate controller. And if not (like this device), then it looks like I have to take off the Otter box just to game.

Whereas a 3DS/2DS is pretty much already complete with a controller, and probably more durable than any iphone. Because believe me, I drop things, and I prefer to not take valuable communications devices out of their otter boxes just to play with them.

But I guess this controller is really for people who don’t mind so much anyway.


This is just not right. Now if you can make my phone look like an Atari Lynx…


That’s why I keep a vintage Game Boy Color loaded with Tetris in my bathroom at home.


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