Your pants are lying to you

I keep warning you. Pants and time, kid. That’s where they get you.

Not really surprising, i have a pair of pants that say they’re size 32 and they fit me perfectly yet i havent been a size 32 since i was in my 20’s :roll_eyes:

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But explain then how I have been getting the same size from multiple companies for years and they all pretty much fit the same. Is it because I don’t shop at “men’s clothing stores”?

This is the point I came here to make. They didn’t say if any or all of the pants tested were labeled as “relaxed fit”. Since that article was written more than ten years ago, that may have been the trend. Today I see a lot of “slim fit” pants. I wish they would do another comparison.

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Trousers patterns are (or perhaps were) made to fit “the seat” of the wearer. (Or the hips while seated, if you prefer.)

Since most trousers don’t actually come fully up to the waist, it’s as if the manufacturer wishes us to imagine that if they had come up to the waist, they would fit a wearer of those dimensions.

Il Modellismo Tecnica del Modelo Sartoriale e Industriale


Part of it is differences in certain facets of construction. A shoe could have a footbed to size, and still “run big” or “run small” because it has a larger toe box or higher arches or something. But ultimately shoe sizes like pretty much anything clothing related aren’t truly standardized.

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