'You're the worst president America has ever had,' Biden says to Trump

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Yes, he said that. He also called the president a clown. Too little, too late, I think. Biden is handling this like a PTA father trying to appeal to his neighbors. And Wallace is pitiful. This is a sad sh*t show.


Yes, you did you jack-hole. And almost every one of them was some dumb-shit petty ignorant lazy half-baked plan which is why this republic has been killed.

You did do a few things right, though:

  1. You hired some of the dimmest bulbs in the box. Hell, the whole hardware store. Nah, the whole god-damn strip mall. Now, when it’s time to prosecute, you’ll find that many of them didn’t think ahead and cover their trail which will make convicting you and or them much easier once we have a non-boot-licking sycophant as an AG.
  2. You shone some new light on the ability to use “executive order” to ram through shit past congress. That might help get around turtle if he’s still there.
  3. You didn’t age well in office. I have a feeling if we get 4 more years, we’ll have Prez Pence before 2024. Sure he’s cool with the “christians”, but let’s see him inspire a bunch of hateful Nazis which is your real base.

I’m sure I can think of others.


What religion do you think nazis follow?


…Although the more dedicated Nazis were in the SS and were more into neo-pagan cosplay.


I was kind of impressed when Trump’s first three tirades were done in Hamilton-style verse even though they didn’t form an eutectic word salad; but then Biden gave a tone-perfect rendition of Soundgarden’s “Blow up the outside world” during the next one, and Wallace just stood there for five minutes throwing horns and adjusting his glasses while Trump got less and less sure of the one gesture he’d do.


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