use on BB?

What’s the reason for using Youtube-nocooke, rather just just Youtube? It’s a bit annoying on my end, and from a few comments I’ve seen, other users as well.

The most noticeable problem would be that videos would simply not play, though I haven’t experienced this in a few days, so it’s either random, or the issue has been fixed somewhere.

Clicking on the player’s YouTube link still leads to a 404, though. You can access the video by stripping the ‘-nocookie’ from the URL, but that’s kind of annoying.

And, most strangely, the Flash player makes my mouse disappear when I try to move it through the left and right side of the video. I don’t think this happens with normal HTML5 or Flash embedded videos.

Anyone else having these problems? Is it worth it?


I was wondering about that myself.

It’s a supposedly cookie-free way of serving youtube videos, but it’s gone to the dogs and appears now to be plainly broken, and I’m already planning on removing it.


Thank you.

Yeah they weren’t playing for me and I’ve been getting the disappearing mouse as well.

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