YouTuber cooks microwave curry in lava

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They were planning on using aluminum foil as a vessel then forgot the aluminum foil. He went in with gloved fingers to pick out it of the lava. This is not a video that I would show to people prone to risk taking.

The phaal might be hotter than the lava.


Hmmm - since curry is a staple of most British combat rations I’d suggest the line should be ‘the most danger anyone has ever been in preparing a boxed curry for clicks and likes.’

Besides, if you’re in Iceland, you cook lobster on the lava:

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“So Dan Miller decided to roast a pig. The idea took hold of him after another eruption on August 7. He would roast a pig in the steaming volcano fields at the base of St. Helens. Being a scientist meant that he would do it in a methodical fashion: notes would be kept and he would document everything. The operation needed a cover name because reporters and others were monitoring all radio communication around the volcano, so he called it the ‘FPP temperature experiment’. FPP stood for Front Page Palmer, a name the scientists had given a local geology professor who had irritated the Survey geologists by grandstanding for the press. Miller would roast a pig and Palmer at the same time.”

Dick Thompson, Volcano Cowboys

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