Zaouli dance from Ivory Coast


What? No bullet ants?


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Fab stottin’ is fab

My drum teacher, Dr Djo Bi, is a master of the zaouli style of drumming. I’ve heard many stories about the beautiful dream girl who went missing into the woods and came back as a beautiful antelope. The dance and drumming are perfectly integrated. If you want to hear more of the drumming, search iTunes for Dr. Djo Bi. Ivory Coast culture is so beautiful, and I’m very excited to see this post!


I love that the crowd goes wild !

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James Brown was Gouro?

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That red/blue join in his clothing just emphasises the weird separation of his torso and what appears to be the People’s Democractic Republic of Legs. Wow!


Awesome. He’s a human non-Newtonian fluid.


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