Zateeva brand cigarettes: smelled and tasted like marijuana

Bittering hop additions typically are in the 60-90 minute ranges, flavouring in the 30-15, and aroma generally under 10 minutes. So if you’re boiling the beer to remove the alcohol, the aroma from the aroma hops in the original beer would be lost.

But that seems like a thing you could compensate for without too much trouble - just leave the aroma hops out of the starting recipe, and add them to the de-alcoholizing boil.

This is not a thing I haven’t thought about (I used to brew beer and was rather proud of some of my imitations and minor innovations :frowning: but the lack of a decent malt after discovering I was coeliac pretty much killed it) and I have thought that dry hopping would be an option after dealcoholising but I guess that the market is pretty small and lager types are all that really are sold in alcohol free beers. And they work pretty well without alcohol. As they do without gluten I think. Though what would constitute a great lager is not something I know.

Difficult to home brew successfully I have found, and also not something I’d bother trying to hard at…

you have to be a pin-up model to drive by in a dumpster truck on a hot day crying for help

[quote=“glenblank, post:5, topic:84945, full:true”]“Prank the police” was about as funny and sensible as “poke the bear.”

And about as safe.

And yet it does happen.

I knew a guy in high school (Australia, 1980’s) who made a regular practice of dropping acid and then going down to the local police station to laugh at the cops. Never got busted 'cos they couldn’t be arsed dealing with the paperwork and hassle just to arrest a minor for public intoxication.

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That’s Australia. There’s no equivalent to the good old American War On Drugs. I mean, it started to keep blonde girls from Minnesota from sleeping with jazz musicians, then evolved to trying to take voting rights away from hippies, and then it even started to get crazy.


Just say no - to leaf.

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No nicotine, no cannabinoids, all the tar.
Smoking these would be a bit like drinking beer-free methanol, wouldn’t it?


When I was in college in 1994, grape bidis were very hip. Even I tried smoking them, and I hate smoking.

Mark Thomas and someone with MS managed to go one up on that 18 years ago. They pranked the then UK Home Secretary, Jack Straw.

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