Zillow listing reveals Jan. 6 rioter's stockpile of illegal explosives

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and explosive devices such as “flash bangs.” “Flash bangs” are prohibited explosive devices under USC 5861

Ah, so “explosive devices” is the classification for stuff that terrorists aren’t allowed to have. What about explosive devices with deadly, flesh tearing projectiles attached?


Damn, the one place he never thought they’d look! He would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you kids and your website tricking him into showing the entire interior of his home on a publicly available website.


As John Rogers likes to say, There are no Moriartys. And boy is that doubly true of the Jan 6 crowd…


What’s frightening is that morons like this nearly succeeded in their aims. When history starts dying out of living memory, the fascists’ reliance on main force can lead to success as much as it can to failure (and, to be clear, they’re not finished by a longshot).


Well now we have to see what type of flash bang they find. Actual flash bangs the police and military use are considered explosives and that would lead to a slam dunk federal case against him.

If it is the neutered down stuff that is legal for civilians to own, then despite sharing a name, they are much less powerful and considered pyrotechnic devices - and thus not illegal.

Though this is just icing on the cake?

they reported finding a short-barrel rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, more than 8,000 rounds of ammunition, and two hand grenades.

An SBR, SBS, and 2 hand grenades (assuming real, not inert) would each be federal violations. IIRC each of those violations is 5 years and $100,000 fine. So he should already be screwed, right?


No link to the Zillow listing? Shame!


Zillow should be sanctioned for failing to report these illegal explosive devices.


Those are not allowed either- grenades of all kinds fall under that definition. (Sorry Jayne.*)

… if he has the papers for the SBR and SBS, yes they are legal. However…

Those papers are expensive, and frankly he’s likely to lose those papers by having the ‘hand grenades’.

(Explosive devices, aka Destructive Devices) require a $200 tax stamp EACH to legally own them, and said stamp involves a waiting period and a background check.

So yeah, this guy is screwed.


Always have a cover that can be pulled down over white boards when expecting visitors or photographers. Have a checklist of items/areas that need to be secured.

Or maybe… Don’t use a white board for highly illegal plans?


And yet, being morons is also why they failed.


The moral of the story is: don’t post your inventory list of illegal explosives on Zillow, folks!
Shuddup! You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my real Dad anyway!


Can’t decide if this is an OPSEC or COMSEC fail. :thinking:


It would appear that there was no “OPSEC” column on the big board.


Wow, since when does writing on a whiteboard translate to having your house searched? I mean, the guy might have been researching for a novel or movie script for all we know.

So proud of the skeletons in his trailer closet.

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It looks like both searches were done after he was IDed as a participant in the 6 January attempted putsch.

From BB: “The FBI had previously searched Brown’s home, where they found a short-barrel rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, more than 8,000 rounds of ammunition, and two hand grenades — a discovery they made via Zillow.”

So it sounds like his house had been searched prior to 1/6, based merely on the Zillow listing.

From what I read, “previously” refers to the latest post-1/6 search (I e. his home was searched twice after the putsch). The article is not clearly written, though.

Either way, using Occam’s Razor it’s reasonable to follow up on photos like this (planning board for a coup and an armory containing prohibited explosives) on the assumption that this was more than just research for movie. It would rank low on my concerns about civil liberties violations.

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