Zodiac Killer identified as Gary Poste

While I loathe to support Fox News in any way, it’s important to distinguish between the legitimate journalists in their employ from the prime time newsrooms and associated TV “personalities”.


Or somewhere under 001.9.

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The article makes it sound like they also solved the Jimmy Hoffa and DB Cooper mysteries. They have not. I went to their website, just a lot of cable tv like investigations that never find the thing they are looking for after I invest an hour of my time watching.

I did a search and this headline came up but I’m not subscribing to Rolling Stone. I wish I could read it.

“Zodiac Expert Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Possible ID of Serial Killer” Rolling Stone

It seems the police and FBI are also saying nope.


It’s him for sure. Those foreheads red circles can’t be coincidental.


Nope. They’re a bunch of retired cops and FBI agents who can’t find a real hobby, so every now and then they put out a press release pretending that they’re super-sleuths who magically pull off cold-case solutions that their working former colleagues couldn’t crack. The “scar” was an artifact of the identikit picture that was added to make the picture look older; it’s been removed after surviving witnesses criticized its addition.

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I see Ted Cruz’s PR people finally woke up.

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