Zodiac Killer identified as Gary Poste

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Sure Ted Cruz, we believe you and this isn’t just a ruse to throw us off your track.


You spelled Ted Cruz wrong…


What’s with this Fox News BS? There wasn’t anything else available? Sheesh.

Here’s an alternate link:


Scars? Aren’t they just normal creases in the forehead that people get with age?


I was kind of nodding along with the article until we got to the bit about the crazy murder gang:

Hans Smits told Fox News he spent 10 years hiding a whistleblower who said he escaped a criminal “posse” headed by Poste. The man, who The Case Breakers only referred to as Wil, told Smits the posse roamed California’s High Sierra region and that he was “groomed into a killing machine.”

Let’s just say I am skeptical of this guy’s accounts. That seems incredible.


The link you just posted cites that same Fox News report as the source, so…

The original source of the Case Breakers’ claim is (unfortunately) a Fox News piece published Wednesday.


This looks as credible as the crisis actor ear-shape analysis. Lotsa red circles and arrows. We’ll see.


I am now revealed as the Zodiac Killer because of the wrinkles in my forehead, which match those in the drawing! Note; I was about 12 years old and living in Toronto at the time, but that was just a ruse.


I don’t think we’ll ever have a conclusive answer one way or the other. But yeah, this seems pretty feverish.


Wait, isn’t that D.B. Cooper?


Agreed. That’s exactly where it crossed over into “amateur internet armchair sleuth” territory

& the phrase “killing machine” automatically consigns a work to the fiction section


Can Rob Halford account for his whereabouts???


Be careful with that line of questioning.


It’s their exclusive. Sometimes I do archive.org link/screenshot a particularly egregious source, but generally I think that if the story is interesting enough to post about, I should honor the source.


And you would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.


This reminds me of a Beavis and Butthead episode:

Beavis and Butt-head are working at Burger World while their manager is counting money from the cash register. When the manager notices that the till is short, he has them take a lie detector test to see if they stole money. Butt-head tries to pass the lie detector test by holding his breath but he passes out. Beavis, however, couldn’t get a base reading on the lie detector so the interrogator requests that Beavis just say anything. Then Beavis says he killed a bunch of people once. This leads the police to think that Beavis is the Hippie Ripper, an infamous serial killer from 1969.

The final scene:

[Later that day, Butt-Head is watching the news at home (ed: alone), when a special report begins to air about Beavis getting arrested for a crime that has now been pinned on him.]

Newscaster: Authorities are saying that tonight, they have finally found the killer in the infamous “Inna Gadda Da Vida” slaying some 35 years ago. Police say this boy- [A mugshot of Beavis now appears] -is the so-called “Hippie Ripper” who, in 1969, killed 15 hippies who were sleeping in a van outside of Highland.

Butt-Head: [He laughs.] “69”! [He drinks from his Mega Gulp cup.]

Newscaster: When asked how a teenage boy committed a crime that happened almost two decades ago, a police spokesman said, quote: “He’s very clever.”

Butt-Head: Get a haircut, hippie!


Great; now I have Inna Gadda Da Vida as an earworm.


Everything about this screams publicity stunt. The team is described as including military intelligence officers. I’m sure they are lovely people, but not necessarily transferable skillsets. It makes for good ad copy, like military grade in a product description. It then says that they examined, but not solved, a string of other high profile cases. The evidence they cite is thin, the forehead wrinkles in one of the original sketches being vaguely similar to a dude’s scar and as far as I’m aware none of the victim descriptions mention a facial scar, which would be a big identifying feature. They further mention an anonymous person with a suspicious story, if you go to their website, they point out that many of their witnesses have signed NDAs and they’ve licensed the stories.


Sure. But above those creases is what looks like a scar. Although I’d never notice it without that red circle.

It also seems to line up with what might be a scar on the forehead in the drawing, even though it’s in a different place, and even though none of the other facial features seem to match.

But for the lack of anything else, just try to find the person with the red circle on their head. There can’t be too many of people like that.