Zooming way, way in on the tip of a ballpoint pen

TIL that after you zoom in past the fiery atom/nucleus level you get to a huge crystal lattice of quarks.

It’s not, you can tell by the pixels. :wink:

how do you do this and not get taken down for copyright violation immediately, holy shit, he didn’t even give a music credit at the end.

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On the subatomic level, I am a ballpoint pen, and a ham sandwich, and a Wheaties box, and a cat’s whisker.

Protons are beautiful. And like that shy girl you once knew, they don’t know it.

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Can confirm that was pretty trip while under the influence.

Also, background music locally was “Goodbye Cruel World” from “The Wall”. I’d fallen into a stretch of the Floyd recently.

Yeah, that seemed like an odd transition. But isn’t true that below the atom level, how things “look” is pretty much a hand-wavy guess?


I found it to be quite amateurish. It’s not so much an animation as an iMovie montage with crossfades.

Music was the best part. I stopped watching and just kept listening.

I thought for sure at the highest magnifications we would see a representation of some physical or mental aspect of Cheeto Jesus.

Nicely done. dittos on the music, fun choice.

It was interesting to see how unconvincing the paper was once it was full screen, looks like the modeler used a fabric material. I guess slightly crumpled paper is hard to find.

After a few seconds more of the video I don’t think it matters much whether they zoom in on the ball, the metal or the pope‘s left buttock.

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When pinch to zoom goes to far.


It’s too be they didn’t go just a smidgen farther to reach to the first turtle shell.

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