Zuckerberg blows off Facebook shareholders' demand for transparency, says he's committed to transparency

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“The board thinks we should solve them with actions, I think we should solve them by my apologizing after the problems are reported,” said Zuckerberg, before adding, “Did I say that out loud?”


When we find a major security exploit in software, we try to fix the software. In this case, we’ve found that Facebook represents a major security exploit in the human mind. Since fixing the human mind isn’t yet practical, we need to recognize that uncontrolled social media such as Facebook are based on (perhaps ironically) antisocial principles. Facebook in particular needs to face a corporate death penalty and Mr. Zuckerberg needs to have his ill-gotten fortune reduced by at least an order of magnitude.

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Silly investors, thinking you had actual ownership.


I think the recent criticism by shareholders might be somewhat related to FB’s stock price.

Perhaps they’re gearing up to market a line of transparent clothing:

Transparency in the Trumpian sense?

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I believe he meant opaquency.

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features can be hard to “solve

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“These problems have a simple solution, which is shut the hell up. Any questions? See above.”

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~14 years of lying lip service. How fucking admirable.
But nothing’s more than greed over all, right?
Besides, Facebook is less social network, more sociopathic, soul-crushing network.

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