Zuul the ankylosaur bears likeness to 'Ghostbusters' namesake


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I’m pretty sure Zuul is hiding out as a barista at my favorite coffee spot.


I think thats Gozer.


Oh, my bad… But the coffee is stellar.


Happens, I critically mixed up theme songs from Karate Kid, KK2 and BTTF the other day.


I’ve been that high, come to think of it, I’m that high right now.


Ray, when someone asks you if you are an ankylosaur, YOU SAY YES!


That’s a terror dog, isn’t it? I didn’t think Zuul had a physical form in the movie, until he manifested as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


I think thats Gozer.


Right, there’s the bit where the lightning flashes over Dana’s face, and you can see the Zuul creature I think? You’re totally right. It’s coming back to me.


Unrelated, but related, Brendan Chung tweeted about an episode of The Real Ghostbusters that I didn’t remember until he mentioned it. But now I remember being horrified by this thing, and having nightmares.


That can be your new catch phrase!



I believe it is common knowledge that the ankylosaur is my favorite critter from the Cretaceous period.

And this only cements that fact.

If ever I’m in a genie-three-wish scenario, you’ll know when you see me riding my ankylosaur, Paul, into the sunset.


Zuul/The Gatekeeper was the being that inhabited Sigourney Weaver’s character. (“There is no Dana, only Zuul.”)

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