Watch Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray meet Johnny Carson to promote 'Ghostbusters'

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One of the worst Tonight Show clips in memory, but check out the photo of Dan’s grandfather… isn’t that Liam Neeson?

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Akroyd is muted at the moment he mentions the paranormal organization. ???

I watched the Movies That Made Us doco about Ghostbusters; turns out, Aykroyd’s family has a long history with paranormal research that sparked the project.

His original vision for the film was WAY different and far more weird than what eventually ended up on screen…


Aykroyd has always been a pill in interviews and when he’s not performing (cf. Crystal Head Vodka). Here, he seems to really buy the sh-t he’s selling. The only way his 5 minutes would make any sense is if it was a looong, straight-man set up for some sort of huge punchline, perhaps with props.

C’mon, Dan: isn’t it curious that all the superimposed faces are constrained by the same limitations of the photographic technology of that time, no? That is, they have all assumed a staid pose in order to stay motionless in the same position for the long exposure, which is supposed to be a “supernatural” exposure. He should know its almost trivial for a photographer of that time to do this elementary photo retouching (although, it might not have been as well known then).


Oh man, those Ghostbusters pins? I feel like the SNL cast just tolerated each other back then.
It’s all in that brief look between Bill Murray and Johnny Carson when Dan Aykroyd mentions the machine he brought home. He’s a bidduvablowhard

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Aykroyd’s segment was embarrassing.

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