1.2kg Mega Pizza Burger hits Kyoto




I work in Cupertino, CA, home of a restaurant called ViVi’s FELAFEL PIZZA BURGER.

Every year or so, I ask them to make me a felafel pizza burger, which is quite obviously a hamburger bun with felafel balls, pizza sauce, and mozzarella.

Still can’t. But they will make a pizza sandwich (french bread, sauce, cheese) with felafel balls on it. It’s delicious.


This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Kyoto cuisine. Kyoryori (Kyoto cuisine) is all about TINY quantities of food delicately and artistically arranged. It’s QUALITY, not QUANTITY.


Dear god, it’s beautiful.


One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, I suppose. Looking at this makes me want to puke.


hey! I came up with this in sixth grade!

Do I get royalties if I can find my crayon drawing?


Totally know what’s going in my next party Stromboli. (Although the lack of bacon is puzzling.)


That was the joke!


Maybe they confused Kyoto cuisine with Osaka cuisine? They are both Kansai.


You don’t see the internal contradiction between the iconic vegetarian falafel and the burger? Such a sandwich would immediately fall into a state of rioting and anarchy.


Only three months? I’m not sure I could finish this fast.



Everybody knows that 1 mega is 1024k so the burger is 1023k short


To be fair, they’d have to deep fry it and put it on a stick for it to be Osaka cuisine…


Vegetarians cant take up falafel as an icon when its the cuisine of meat eating cultures to begin with.


Are vegetarians also forbidden to understand jokes, or does it just seem that way?


I thought it was one of those things you had to sign away when you stop eating meat.

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