10 classic ads from the sugar and cereal industries


Have an ice cream cone to suppress your appetite before you eat lunch? Brilliant! Why did I never think of that?


Hell yea!

We try very hard to make sure that our kids eat well 364 days out of the year, but on Halloween we tell 'em to go for it!

Make yourself sick if you want, kiddos! Have some Junior Mints to wash down that laffee taffee…

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Frosted Sugar Chodes!

Are you getting enough poison?

In a few more years everyone will look at these the way we now look at old cigarette ads.

It used to be that “Super Golden Crisp” was called “Super Sugar Crisp” (and it was in one of these ads), and “Sugar Smacks” became “Honey Smacks.” I think it all changed in the late 80s but I can’t remember if it was due to legislation or consumer pressure (though I’m pretty sure they kept the Sugar Bear character for a while).

We very rarely got to eat any of these in our house – Golden Grahams were about as rowdy as cereal got, unless we were visiting relatives, or vice versa.

I made up for it, though – I’d use a tablespoon to scoop sugar onto (for example) Raisin Bran, or before anyone else woke up I’d open a can of frosting and eat a couple of spoonfuls. I’m surprised I didn’t have any cavities until I was 13.

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“No candy, you’ll ruin your dinner.” - Every Mom everywhere

Sugar Bear was my Spirit Animal.


The only sugary cereal allowed in our house, when I was growing up, was Frosted Flakes. It was considered a desert item. There was definitely adding of sugar to corn flakes, rice krispies, raisin bran, kix, or whatever we had, but it would have been on the sly, while mom was looking elsewhere. Allegedly.

One summer, I saw fruit loops at the camp breakfast table. I was so excited to try out a forbidden treat. But, it turns out I don’t actually like fruit loops. I imagine mom felt vindicated when I told her of my disappointment.

I remember Sugar Smacks having the slogan, “Packed with sugar, through and through,” when I was a kid.

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