100 artists allowed to paint entire school for weeks before renovations


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dozens of street artists given weeks to create whatever they want inside a school that’s about to be renovated

I suppose that I can appreciate the ephemeral nature of this, but I can’t help but think it would have been far better to have them paint it as part of the renovations.

It makes me miss my old loft, which my roomies and I likewise offered for the locals to paint.


#Renovations completed!

This is awesome! Why have monochromatic hallways when they can be amazing!


Don’t let that Photoshop guy in the front door, it’ll just be grey and white squares.


This is a terrible idea.


Welp, time to take it all away.


Frating Green (adj.):
The shade of green which is supposed to make you feel comfortable in hospitals, industrious in schools and uneasy in police stations.

(Douglas Adams / John Lloyd - The Meaning of Liff)


The hallway in the first photo would be great for tossing hot dogs down, if ya know whut I mean… :wink:


The primarily purple hallway – is that actually modified, or is it an optical illusion?
I like the stairwell.


Except the spray paint fumes would make the students high for at least a year or two.


Such a dorm, where artists painted the interiors in elaborate and fanciful designs, has thrived at MIT until this summer…the MIT administration is forcing all undergraduates to leave, and will be painting over the murals for which Senior House, the oldest housing on campus, is famous. You can view the student living space murals here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151658333@N05/sets/72157685050910985 and read the story about the the closure of this cultural treasure here: http://saveseniorhouse.mit.edu/


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