100 million Americans live in areas where every single ISP has admitted to violating net neutrality

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/12/break-the-net.html


Is this the invisible hand extending it’s middle finger?


My ISP is my friend.

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Good news, after the repeal, almost NONE of these will be a violation anymore. When Comcast blocked peer to peer, there was a violation, but not the one you want. Not telling people they were blocking was the violation. The blocking itself would be just fine after the repeal, as long as they tell you.

When they say the FTC will have the power to enforce, it’s technically “true”. But, it’s completely misleading, since what the FTC will be able to enforce is not what consumers want at all but simply that they aren’t being lied to. As long as the ISP tells you it’s going to give you “not really internet service”, it’s all totally fine then.

There’s a nice write up on Wetmachine: Can the FTC Really Handle Net Neutrality? Let’s Check Against the 4 Most Famous Violations.

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