1200-year-old sword found under rocks on trail


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It is the Legendary Magic Sword!


No doubt stashed by some patriotic Sørlending in anticipation of rebellion against the petty king Kjotve the Rich and his jackbooted thugs.


I hope I’m not the only one who was thinking it: sing along, everyone!





It’s name is Troll Smiter, and glows bright yellow in the presence of those infernal things. It was lost a thousand years ago in a battle against the Mountain Kings, but now since it has been found can be used in the Last Battle.

Legend has it before the mountain king struggle it smote two Jotnars in a single night. And it can behead all the heads of a Tusseladd in a single stroke.


so meta!


Agh I’d been hoping the Last Battle could be put off for a couple more millenia.


Well, they shouldn’t have found the sword then, should they? It’s always, “sorry for starting Armageddon”, and " I didn’t mean to unleash a thousand thousand cohorts of troll warriors".

The excuses tire me.


Darn it, got the Highlander reference before I did.


It just concerns me very slightly that the first thing these Scandinavians think about when finding a 1200 year old sword is “can it be sharpened?” and the second is “can it be used in battle?”

IRL I have a surname of Norse origin…but our family hasn’t lived there for over a thousand years…I can give up rapine, looting and pillage any time I want…


Are they planning on doing any excavation around there? Be curious to see if they uncover anything else




+4 vs. Trollkin, +2 vs. Evil (non-stacking). Its owner is under a geas to fight Trolls if they are encountered.


Did your family run away from a dangerous magical sword - 1,000 years ago?


No, the weather in Normandy was better. Why do you think so many of the Norsemen went to live there that they renamed it?


However, the warranty has now expired, so use at your own risk.


I was expecting this:

Instead, this is it:



“Just been on a bit of a raid, dear. Lovely spot! Fancy moving?!”


What are the locals like? A bit dead really. The place could do with some livening up.


Best thing I’ve found was $20 in a rarely used pants