15 kitchen gadgets that will make prepping your next meal easier

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That dockside bakeware is nice looking!

i wouldn’t dare leave a pot of boiling anything alone with StirBot, what could go wrong? Order now and get choppy bot free of charge. :joy:


“Stop listening for the kettle.”
And keep looking at it instead?


Is this article sarcasm or what?

I remember when BoingBoing would have articles making fun of single-tasking kitchen implements. Now they’re shilling the Cheap Chinese Electronics version of Goop products to stir your cannabutter for you.

(I know that someone with limited mobility probably loves the stirring thing, just work with me on the ad spam angle.)

This place is like Gawker Media now. The editors are herbs!


As per my comment here about self-sealing bins … FFS!
An automated stirring machine? WCGW? Those scenes in WALL-E with helpless humans whose every desire is fully automated are closer and closer…
A long list of future trash.

To be fair, a lot of these sort of items (and a ton of As Seen On TV stuff) are invented as assistive devices. But you can’t make money selling assistive devices at retail to just the people-with-disabilities market, so instead the marketers go for the Jetsons-level laziness approach.


Fair enough. But still no reason for BB to thrust them under our noses.

If we can’t have flying cars, at least we can have Jetsons-level laziness.


I’m still waiting for the automated kitchen surface cleaner. I have chronic fatigue and the biggest barrier to me cooking is knowing I will have to tidy up afterwards


Always enjoyed Boing Boing, but I have to say that this monetization scheme that you’re increasingly relying on is really effecting my perception of you. Can’t you find a better way to make a living than hawking cheap garbage that I strongly suspect you’ve never actually used? I’m embarrassed for you.


No, they sell stuff, but they’re not too pushy about it, and they label it as such. I gloss over the description, but I’m here because there’s often crowd wisdom about what to actually buy, along with healthy doses of snark.

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In lab, there’s hotplates with a magnetic stir bar, that I’ve often thought about using for cooking. I think the magnet would have to be near the width of the pan to prevent food from burning or sticking. Seems a bit of a bother for the rigamarole, and I’m sure at some point I’d serve myself the magnet.


I have my animal friends for that:


Is it even laziness, though, I wonder? I mean, yes, probably somewhat, but I mean, it seems like once people have whatever they actually need, they start looking around to see what else they can spend their money on. The automated stirrer strikes me as something that would get used once, then left in its box in the cupboard because it would be more trouble to get it out, use it, wash it, and put it away, than to just stir the food with a spoon. The point of buying it is to spend some money (which actually fits with BB selling it, I guess—i.e., the point of selling it is to get some money. I’d be happy to give BB and the bbs some money, but I’m sure not going to do that by buying some consumer good [bad] that I don’t need and don’t want. I just want BB and the bbs…but we’ve been round and round with discussions of a subscription model, and orenwolf has made it clear that that wouldn’t work for BB.)

Edit: To be clear, yes I agree, as you say the marketers are going for the laziness approach. But I wonder if what the purchasers are actually going for is a solution to “What can I spend my money on now?” It seems to me that the “makes life easier” pitch provides an excuse to spend the money.

Basically every member (including me) comment to placed products posts:

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I’m waiting for this.


You know what they say… :slight_smile:


I’ve used magnetic stirring hotplates extensively. none of the ones i’ve ever used have a robotic or magnetic arm, that arm is for holding things in a fixed place. they do use non-reactive “cow” magnets of known volume, that spin in the bottom of the container, magnetically, which created a vortex. great for dissolving things into solutions, not good for stirring thick soup i don’t think.

(because science is smart)

the good news is “cow” magnets were originally meant to pass through the digestive tract collecting and removing anything metallic. as long as you don’t swallow more than one at a time you are safe. the risk with ingesting magnets comes mostly with multiples, that they will attract each other through intestinal walls creating a sticking point rather than continuing to move.