17 years ago today Trump boasted that he now had the tallest building in downtown Manhattan


You say “Trump’s response was” as if that’s the entirety of his response. Which it was not. Hence my post.

And yes, he’s an asshole on a daily basis. As stated in the same post.

Just providing context. Sue me.


No, I appreciate the link to Snopes and the context. Unfortunately, the context doesn’t really suggest even the tiniest bit of empathy or mourning on his part, and just elaborates on his real-estate-mogul view of the good side of 9/11. As Snopes states, he wasn’t outright bragging, so it’s up to the listener to decide whether he was or not.




If you do a little looking around, you will also find that he was lying about it anyway. After the WTC came down his was not the tallest building. 70 Pine St. was 25 feet taller than 40 Wall Street. Insensitive and wrong, and still I am not surprised.


thats the look of “there is no way I’m taking a bullet for this guy no way . if some thing go’s side ways I’ll protect Melania’s coat coat from any debris, its the more noble rout”


We know Trump’s lying*, because famous people who actually cleared rubble on 9/11 would never talk about it.:

"Very few photographs and no interviews exist because he declined them. He wasn't there for the publicity."

* And, no, not because his lips are moving. Although, sure, invariably that’s a sufficient condition.



This could be a very entertaining thread.
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