1930s ice-cream parlour hidden in Cincinnati's art deco railway station

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I hope they have glass dishes and parfait cups. They used those at Friendley’s when I was a kid and it made the experience special.

The only thing cooler than this would for there to be a working Automat next door.


I so want to open an automat…
I think the hipsters would love it!


Although not exactly the same, it reminds me of this in LA

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The outside totally looks like the Hall of Justice from the Superfriends cartoon.

Five minutes of Wikipedia later, and it turns out that’s because the Hall of Justice was modeled on it.

It was originally drawn by Al Gmuer, background supervisor for Hanna-Barbera for more than 30 years. Gmuer modeled the fortress after the art deco Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio, a train station turned museum.


I’m so glad to see this. Union Terminal is one of my favorite buildings in the world, and when my best friend got married there, we got to peek into some of the under-development areas – and this was one of them. It looks as terrific as it did in its old photos, and I’d love to have a dish of Graeter’s black raspberry chip there.


That is beautiful.

So much to see and do at Union Terminal. Every time I have been there is something different going on in the central terminal. Nothing better than to sit down and enjoy the ice cream at this little shop after walking through the natural history museum. Aside from the amazing mural inside the terminal I enjoy looking at the fossils in the various building materials around the building, such as a large ammonite in the marble ceiling in the back of the terminal and the various echinoderm fossils (including complete blastoids) in the exterior limestone. Oh, and, nungesser, I have to agree. I think the black raspberry chip is amazing!


As a lifelong fan of eating ice cream, I am especially pleased to see that the parlor is furnished with extra sturdy seating.


Those chairs need to be slightly wider. I’ll have the pistachio quintuple dip.


And Grater’s ice cream is unlike anything you’ve had before. They use an arcane method known as the “french pot” which produces an ice cream that is somewhere in-between a doubled-churned cream and a frozen custard. Excellent stuff, and worth the trip to the Queen City!


Things like this make me wish I could visit other periods.

i’ve always wanted to be a time traveler. if some one in the future reads this can you please send me a time machine? I’ll assume since I haven’t gotten it yet, that it is being delivered tomorrow. Thanks.


I don’t see how you got the name wrong as it is in the quoted paragraph.
Union Terminal, not Union Station.

If you like Art Deco (and Stripped Classical and Spanish Mission) you could do worse than visit Napier in New Zealand. It was flattened by an earthquake at just the right time to be rebuilt with 1930’s style.


I think you get an award for being the first to mention Graeter’s. I love to visit Cincinnati because I have some very good friends there, and no trip is complete without some of that fantastic ice cream.

I love Union Terminal too both for the fossils and the art deco design. In fact there seems to be a lot of art deco design preserved in buildings around Cincinnati, which is one more thing that makes it a fun place to visit.

The other thing that sets them apart is that the “chips” in their ice cream are more like dark chocolate slabs. While they’re churning it, they pour in chocolate, which freezes into big swirled sheets onto the ice cream, and they break it up with paddles, so you get wonderfully uneven bits and hunks of the stuff.


They make those chips with a little elf and a big chisel and a bigger block of very rich dark chocolate. Out of this world good. We can get Graeters at Whole Foods in N CA nowadays (no more dry ice shipped boxes of heaven). Now if we could get some decent Skyline chili…

Union terminal is beautiful, even when it was abandoned. My Dad and I used to go down and take pics in the ruins. There are two spots in the central dome area where you can whisper across the width of the dome and hear one another. Science! It works biotches!

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Every once in awhile I ponder one of those “expat” kits with some cans of Skyline, some Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce, some Busken donuts, LaRosas, maybe even some goetta…

Please accept this invoice for: one keyboard, ruined by saliva, one mouse dry cleaning (extra starch).

The packets of ‘cincinnati chili’ are OK, I add some cocoa and cumin, then use a potato smasher to make the meat sauce particles as small as possible (do not blend). Get the nice puffy oyster crackers, crystal or Tobasco and you can count on some gastric difficulties later. nom nom

When I’m back in Ohio I always pick up a few packets! My housemates still think eating the stuff on spaghetti is bizarre, but it makes me happy.

This site has some expensive but occasionally tempting items including frozen Skyline chili, frozen Montgomery Inn ribs, etc.