The headquarters of Mussolini's Italian Fascist Party, 1934


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Whimsical, uplifting, and thoroughly delightful…


Those pursed lips and furrowed brow, a mix of perpetual confusion and antagonism, look oddly familiar.

Also, giving the public the choice between “my guys” or a “no” vote that put the public in the position of indefinite obstructionism? Ugh.


Oh, Italy, with your design-conscious avant-garde fascism.


That’s just creepy. A “Facist facade” indeed.

Any guesses about the gelato flavors next door?


Heck! I’ll just put it out there: In certain images of Trump, he had a certain Mussolini-esque attitude/air about him. Each time, I wondered if anyone else saw what I was seeing.


Trump’s favorite.


That’s Italian futurism, right?


I think this is the closest thing to a RL supervillian lair.


So that’s where the Guardian from Ultima IV came from…




Does anyone happen to know if this was an inspiration for Jack Kirby’s Darkseid? It’s thematically appropriate, and the resemblance is striking.


Christ almighty who died for my sins only be to resurrected and bodily ascend to heaven!

Is that real? That’s so fucked.


Came here for this. Thanks for saving me the effort of finding a link.


They called it “the Mega Dittos Building.”


Pretty sure Fletcher Hanks sculpted that face.


Any flavor you want, as long as it’s “Il Duce de leche”


Adolfo Wildt’s-fascinating-fascism/


There is no joy in fascism.