1996 Electronic Dream Phone reviewed


Okay, now we need someone a bit older to review “Mystery Date” - the original! I’d it, if I had a copy.

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9 years and up. Nice to start training them early.

I think people are overthinking this one. I think the idea is that you are at that age where the concept of dating boys is fun but not a real thing, and you go over to your friend’s house for a spend the night and you both have a giggle on your fake phone with your fake boyfriends. I know when I was in middle school there were four cute boys that my clique deemed date material. Unbeknownst to these guys we’d parceled them out amongst ourselves and we would talk all the time about what we’d do with our unknowing boyfriends. It wasn’t really training for dating so much as an elaborate story game that built and built and had absolutely nothing to do with the reality of the guys involved or even an actual desire to date. IMHO the real tragedy is that middle school guys can’t have their own date phone and get to play at dating sweet girls.


Oh man, I had that game! My friends and I would play it when we had sleepovers. We each had our favorite guys and always hoped they would be the ones who fancied us. It was fun back then, before the awkward teenaged years and the end of innocent games of pretend. lol. A total blast from the past. Now I feel old.

On the subject of dream phone, Cinemassacre (Angry Video game nerds company) did a short horror film about the game. It’s pretty amusing, and slightly creepy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzWtnyhdn_4&noredirect=1

Isn’t “how other people feel about me is more important than how I feel about me” the basis of our whole society?

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