20,000 rescued bees decorate this woman's maternity photos

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So, is this is what happens when bee girls start families?


Twice in one week! Hot Diggity!


It’s like they’re trying to give birth to that girl from Jupiter Ascending.


nope nope nope nope nope


Now that is a different kind of buzz


Maybe she’s not really pregnant. A butt-load of bees stung her and…

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So that’s what happened to her.



chin shield!!!


So, she “rescued” a hive, then recaptured the queen and removed her from the super forcing the entire hive to once again follow their only source of colony stability so that she could make someone’s Pinterest board? Heroes come in all forms.

Is… is this real? Why have I never seen it? I feel betrayed by my local video store back in the 80s.

Real, yes. Google is your friend. Actually worth seeking out, probably not. Seek reviews, make up your own mind, but I decided it was one of those films that fail to execute on the promise of their trailer/poster and never bothered to seek it out.

Don’t worry. The queen surely soon was able to hum “Honey, I’m home”, and wondering what all the buzz was about.

Bee keepers move queens around all the time, to put them in a better hive, to split the colony, inspect the brood, for de-miting purposes, etc. Right or wrong, they regard it as no more cruel than, say, herding sheep from one pasture to the other.


Of course. But this isn’t what she is doing and most bee keepers are callous and destructive to their charges. Moving a queen should be kept to a minimum and only when splitting or capturing a hive. It usually would only happen once or so in a queen’s lifetime and regardless of how carefully it’s done will result in the death of dozens of bees. This may not seem like a big deal, but this attitude toward our top “domesticated” pollinator, as we continue to eradicate all native pollinators both directly and as an indirect consequence of our general poisoning of all ecosystems, is still just as serious an issue as it was five years ago when people were still marginally interested in the massive die-offs that were predicted almost 100 years ago.

But hey, someone’s building robotic bees, so everything will be fine. Just fine.

Really? Boo. Last time I checked out a film I never knew about it was The Final Program, which is gloriously insane, and I love it.