2015 Movie trailers updated with North Korean approval




I’m pretty sure it’s possible to find the confluence of conservative internet trolls and Star Wars fans who would in fact blame Obama for the new hilted lightsaber…


I can’t contain myself… I hadn’t seen the new Avengers’ trailer until now… HULKBUSTER IRONMAN!!!


Nitpick at 2:22- Kim Jong-Un does not need to run from men with guns, as he is bulletproof.


I feel stupider now.


Is that due to the fact that he doesn’t ever defecate?


He doesn’t need to engage in such lowly bourgeoisie pursuits as mere defecation.

So dedicated is he to the glory of the People, his digestive system extracts all available nutrients, leaving behind no waste whatsoever and serving as living lesson to the People, that we must all strive to attain such physiological perfection and efficiency for the betterment of all. He is the living embodiment of Juche in all matters, whether political or scatalogical. Glory to the heroic intestines of the Supreme Leader!

Either that, or he’s completely full of shit.


That’s pellet proof.


Can’t help the feeling that all this is a lot of fuss over a film that’s probably not very good in the first place.


Apparently Kim Jong-Un once bit Chuck Norris… after several months of agony, the Universe exploded.


Still prefered SNL’s opening take.


Weapons turn on their wielders, rather that face the wrath of the Great Leader. Bullets drop out of the air.


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