24-hour sale: 3 unique gift ideas leading up to the holiday season

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/11/20/24-hour-sale-3-unique-gift-id.html

If they’re unique, how can there be three of them?


I’m pretty certain I first found out about Blue Apron from a BBS thread.

Regrettably, Blue Apron doesn’t do Hawaii.

These are not “specs”!

You are not even telling me what it is, an SD-drive most probably? Or just an adapter? It could also be some cloud storage thingy? WTF?!
What is the data throughput?
What does “capacity up to 200 GB” and “adaptable up to 256 GB” mean?
It “integrates with Time Machine”, how so?!

Oh but it’s made from Aluminium. And it is nifty, too. Wow!! Just wow! I’m sure that will go well with the Mac crowd.

Is it just me, or do the BoingBoing shop offers look increasingly like an experiment in information literacy?

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