30% of GOP voters nationally support bombing Agrabah, the country from Aladdin

To be fair, 19% of Democrats wanted to bomb it as well. But for the Republicans, only 13% said we should hold off on bombing the made-up land, with made-up innocent civilians enemy combatants.

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… and that was just the funny question. From the same poll:

54% of GOPers support banning all Muslims from entering the states
46% support national Muslim database
26% believe Islam should be illegal
28% favor Japanese internment camps


And their votes count for just as much as mine. Yay.


Where else do you want to live, though? Because they probably want to bomb there as well.


Also from the same poll, Trump wins every head to head race against the other leading candidates. Only Ted Cruz is within touching distance in a 1 on 1.

Does anyone else wonder when commentators are going to stop talking about his poll lead being “soft”. He’s winning, and there’s less and less time to stop him.


How about they can go ahead and bomb imaginary places, as long as they leave the actual earth places, with real people in them, the fuck alone?


Right? It’s almost like they’re afraid of him. (actually, tbh, I am too)


My guess is they were asked in the poll “Do you support bombing Agrabah”, and were given three options, “yes”, “no”, and “not sure”.

Unless they gave instructions to everyone that “if this country doesn’t exist, check ‘no’”, I’d imagine people who knew it wasn’t a real country might say either “Not sure”, or “No”.

It’s entertaining, but stinks of “gotcha”.


I just assumed they figured it was better for the eventual Dem nominee to run against a clown than someone the swing voters and comparatively moderate conservatives might take seriously. But you know what they say about when one assumes…

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It’s enlightening, since it demonstrates that Republican voters are inherently more pro-war than Democratic voters regardless of the justification for said war.

(Maybe “enlightening” isn’t the word. “Yet more evidence of something long known,” maybe.)


As a parent I’d gladly move to Agrabah if it meant I’d never have to hear about whatever the f*ck country frozen takes place in. ever. again. ever.



It’s warmer there, too.


All these people complaining about Frozen. It’s been two years. Why can’t they just let it go?


But that’s the thing - they would be in the “no” category (because the response to “should we bomb fictional place?” is “no, because that’s a fictional place”). Which means the number of people who thought that it was a real place that we shouldn’t bomb was even lower than the given percentages.

The other choice was “Not sure.” So a majority were certainly willing to consider bombing a fictitious country.

But man, the overlap between the “funny” and “non-funny” questions:
“[Donald] Trump is at 45% with Republicans who want to bomb Aladdin and only 22% with ones who don’t want to bomb Aladdin.”

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Actually, many of their votes count much more then yours depending on where you live. America isn’t a direct democracy, the electoral college is completely f’ed up! A voter in Alaska’s vote counts 3X as much as a vote of someone in California or NY, based on electoral college representatives per capita. Don’t even get me started on swing states. Or the states where the electoral representative can vote however they want despite how the states voters voted. Or the states that give all their electoral votes to the candidate with the majority in that state, instead of dividing them based on respective support levels within their state. It is a seriously seriously messed up system that is highly rigged, but it gives the people an illusion of having some say.

(a WY vote is worth 3.6X and NY vote, suck on that NYers…also people in DC, our capital, can’t even vote, neither can people in puerto rico, guam, or american samoa, despite all being part of the USA)


The people complaining have kids who make sure the trauma is fresh day in and day out.
It is basically the nuke in the arsenal of psychological warfare of children against sane adults! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure that there were similar complaints after Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King. Frozen is just the first time in forever that Disney has released such a catchy musical.


Republ voters often have a strange speech impediment.