30% of GOP voters nationally support bombing Agrabah, the country from Aladdin

Boing Boing deals heavily in pointless clickbait trash now, I used to be a regular, I hardly touch it anymore because of articles like this. I check it out once every couple weeks to see if they’ve cleaned it up.

That’s among the Republicans, who, admittedly, make up most of the 102 pages of the PDF, mainly because their survey was much longer. The results from the Democrats surveyed are only on pages 97-102. The “moderate” and “somewhat conservative” Democratic voters polled at 24% for bombing Agrabah - the “very liberal,” “somewhat liberal,” and “very conservative” all polled below 20%. Compare that to the Republican voters, who don’t poll below 24% for any of conservative/liberal view.

PDF: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/2015/PPP_Release_National_121715.pdf


I think your point is important.

But, am I being stupid or who?
NY, 51st highest vote power of 48 shown, 50 existing?
Or was Slate also counting territories without vote power?
Then, in what place do people have more voting power than in New York that isn’t a state?
Someone please explain.

The reason for global warming becomes clear.

First Agribah. Next Arendelle!

You want me to let it go? I’ll let go of several tons of ordinence all over your head Elsa! I’m gonna bring down the entire mountain and it’ll be goooooood!


I haven’t investigated, but: DC perhaps?

New York has the lowest voting power, its residents votes count the least of anywhere in the USA.

I’m not sure why it is listed as 51st and not 50th, maybe one of the territories has the right to vote, I didn’t think any did, but I could be mistaken about that.

The original article is here but it doesn’t clarify.

I only picked that image because it was the easiest to understand, that article is pretty bare bones. When you study this subject and the history behind why it is the way it is, it is quite disturbing.

I just found this video explaining some of the many issues:


fair enough.

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D.C. residents have no representation in the United States Senate, no voting representation in Congress. The Twenty-third Amendment entitles the District to three electoral votes in the election of the President and Vice President of the United States.

That’s better than New York?


Population of DC is ~660K.

That’s ~220K people per electoral college vote, as opposed to ~520K for NY.

I think that’s the only thing they’re measuring in that particular map.

Yes, that’s got to be it.
It was my understanding that there would be no math.

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Bad comparison. Manson is a hell of a lot more charismatic. Look how much fun he’s having! While DT seems to be thinking about his constipation.

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Welp… ya’ll know where to find me

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The answer I gave when I was last stopped in the street for a news-bite interview over some political question was:

I don’t have enough information about the issue to have an opinion.

That makes me an honest “not sure”.

I would have given the same answer RE Agrabah, as I don’t recognise it, and would have no idea why someone would want to bomb it. I may be against bombing in principle, but I’d still want to know what the hell we were talking about before taking a position.

Folk that said “no” because they recognised the fake are fine, but folk that said “no” (or, of course “yes”) based on clear ignorance are untrustworthy.


I’ve never seen it :slight_smile:

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Well, it seems to have gone by the end of that .gif at least.

Surely Arendelle is the bigger threat here, people?

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We have always been at war with Agrabah.


Ask “Should the United States accept refugees from Agrabah?” and watch Democrats display the same ignorance.

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I read an analysis once of war opinion polling in the US for various wars. The conclusion was that there is about 30% support for any war in the US and about 10% opposition to any war in the US.

I guess this goes along with that pretty well.

30% of the population supported the Vietnam war as the US bailed on it.
10% of the population opposed WWII after Pearl Harbor.

Though another interpretation of the first statistic is that US democracy will not continue a war once support drops to 30%.

Not comparable. It is a reasonable position that we should accept refugees from everywhere at some level. So the country name can be irrelevant. It is not a reasonable position that we should bomb countries for no reason at all… though I suspect it is a position that a surprisingly high number of people hold (though more in the form that absolutely any justification for bombing is accepted).