30th Anniversary of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Around now might be a polite time to avoid New Zealand, if you should happen to be French. :smiling_imp:

Here’s a feature article on an act of murderous Gallic perfidy in the territory of an allied nation and its aftermath

She’s now a stunning dive wreck and there are plans afoot to put a memorial at the site of the bombing in Auckland harbour to remind French tourists what their government did in their name …

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Ugh, what a bunch of hapless, fuck-witted murderers.

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I remember being rather pissed at the time that my nation of birth, the UK, was supine enough to allow France to threaten sanctions against our erstwhile colony and Commonwealth member. There is still a sense of betrayal here. The two captured terrorists only served 2 years and returned home to be promoted. :angry:

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