35 women assault by Bill Cosby tell their stories in New York magazine

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They should be photographed charging the camera with a bayonetted rifle rather than passively seated in white clothing. They have been drafted into a war they did not want, but they are soldiers with battle wounds none the less. When will their war end? When will this war end?


Today also had a suspiciously well-timed DDOS attacking the NYMag webpage. Is it really just a hacker who “hates New York City” and is attacking websites with related names? Or is this another HackingTeam-for-sale attack paid for by someone in the Cos’ Crew?


link to web.archive wayback machine where the article can be read.

infuriating that a well researched, courageous, important article is being attacked by some idiot hacker not liking New York…not aware of any other New York pages that is down…could somebody hack the hacker please.

hope take down is financially not too disastrous for New York magazine.

I get what you’re saying, but “man-hating militant feminists” is exactly the image that some Cosby apologists have been trying to cultivate of these women (or alternatively, “gold-diggers trying to land a book deal or fat cash settlement”).

In my opinion depicting them as normal human beings we can all relate to—mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters—is exactly what this situation called for.


The article’s title suggests that maybe it’s not just Bill Cosby who’d done wrong by these women. That seems really important to me, since there are some other wronged voices trying to make themselves heard these days, being met with stony silence. I’m getting really sick of this common refrain, “If I’d only known!”


There’s a certain fraternity at my college I’d love to have profiled in the exact same way. Would be amazing to pour some sunlight on this kind of abuse.

Great article.


Dang, that’s a powerful cover. I wonder how Camille Cosby plans to ‘fix’ this one.


I understand the propaganda angle, but I learned a major tenant of feminism was not having to act or dress ‘nice’, especially when outraged and assaulted by not just one man on one night(x35+) but for decades by organized patriarchy. Is this not the exact time to look and act pissed? Must we put these women on a god-like high pedestal and deny them their natural human rage and horror at these attacks?
After 9-11 we even now hear the allegedly bravest men tremble and lash out at the sights, feelings, and fears on that and following days, why don’t they have to be nice? They started wars and spent trillions over that one day of rage, those men ordered other men and women to actually attach bayonets to rifles as they brought war to the other side of the planet.
I feel like at this point a little chutzpah by those attacked and their representatives does more to out and then crush the loudmouth misogynists in the eyes of the public than hurt the cause.
Civil rights in the US advanced because of Malcom X and fear of a race war, MLK was the nice guy compromise white America grudgingly swallowed, being nice without a not-nice wing of the movement gets little forward momentum.
Having worked with PTSD cases I really wish they would move on from dragging these women and their story around in public and reminding them about what happened, despite the great societal good their personal public testimony brings.
(this is not an attack on you or your post, just the adrenaline really kicks on this topic, please read in the voice of impassioned friendly discourse)

Thanks Obama Rolling Stone!

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It’s not about them “having to dress ‘nice.’” It’s about depicting them as the kind of people they actually are. Like most victims of sexual assault, they are ordinary people who wear ordinary clothes and live out the rest of their lives working jobs or raising families. They aren’t simply “Cosby Victims” and they certainly haven’t spent the last couple of decades angrily marching the streets in militant uniforms pursuing violent retribution.

THIS is what victims of sexual assault look like. The sooner the general public gets that through their heads then the sooner they might realize how important it is to protect their mothers, sisters and daughters.


Said that way I understand, no attack should force a person to change their nature.


Allegedly, right guys?



In all seriousness I read the article and just wow. Some seriously squicky stuff - especially some of the quotes from Cosby himself who apparently can determine consent thanks to his powers of ESP.

I have a feeling with him it comes down to “they didn’t say no”.

I’ll be frank, I watched Fat Albert when I was a kid but had a hard time relating to black kids in a ghetto with garbage in a junk yard. I am white, raised in an almost (then) all white middle class country town, so…

Cosby always seemed to be “fake” to me in some way, not that I could put a finger on, and certainly I did not think he was such a prolific serial rapist. I never held anything against him, I just had some feeling of mistrust.

I certainly hope these women get compensation for their hardship, and unfortunately Cosby will never see a day in jail.

At least people will not be so eager to be his friend.

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It is a VERY powerful article. The photo on the cover with the empty chair for the last spot, the beautiful photographs, the main article, plus the testimony, written or in video, of what the victims remember, with women going back to the 60’s recounting their specific experience of the exact same MO with the pills and the shots of liquor. They just nailed his ass to the wall in the most classy way.


How heartbreaking.

But it’s also wonderful that they’ve come forward and the media has finally listened.


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