4K tour of the Moon


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/10/4k-tour-of-the-moon.html


Can get a 4k tour of the moon, still can’t find my damn keys.


4K all the way, baby.


I’m struck once again at how round all the craters are. Shouldn’t a larger proportion of impacts have been at an angle, thus making more oval and skidding shapes? It appears that all lunar impacts are dead-on hits. How or why is this a thing, or what am I missing?


They zoomed in on the Tycho crater, but I didn’t see any mysterious alien monolith nor did they mention any “magnetic anomaly”, so I’m gonna call fake.


Interesting question.

I see that in movies a lot where the animated straffing alien laser blasts come in at an angle but the buried explosive charges explode straight up.


Good discussion of that question here:


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